~ iphone photos - may 2013 ~

Thursday, June 6, 2013

May was a great month for me! School ended and I still had a nice break before summer classes started. I went on my Disney vacation with my siblings and got to catch up with friends and actually relax! I'm sure everyone is bored at reading my "school is stressing me out/taking up my time..."etc. posts. I'm so happy summer is here! The weather has been great and I hope it stays this way!

Also there are some photos from my Disney trip so I guess you can take those as teasers =P

Macarons from Soriette!

The macarons were not bad but the Earl Grey wasn't as good as I remembered it to be, the filling was a bit too bitter. I also got an iced coffee to accompany my sweets~ My friend's pink macaron looks like a stalker in this photo lol

Some veggie flat bread at TGIF at Minneapolis airport, my sister wanted to eat here since we don't have one at home anymore. It was pretty good and my sister had a yummy chicken dish with lots of melted cheese.

The refillable mugs that you receive with your dining plan, it's free refills at your resort. The design this time was much cuter than two years ago in my opinion =P There were also blue, green and black lidded ones.

I contemplated on buying these earrings over and over again >< They also had higher quality ones for 10x the price lol

Cute mouse! I almost bought this since I thought it was practical but considering the cost and the fact that there's nothing wrong with my current mouse I decided to not get it, no regrets!


Inside the It's a Small World ride, this ride creeps me out!

I think it's the dolls along with the music....

The coffee and tea press that I wanted to get and never did....and now regret it =(

The tea sets and coffee sets were so cute and tempting! I really like the Earl Grey but couldn't find it individually.

Duffy's new outfit!

I've finally decided to give up on buying this lil guy though he is sooo cute!

Actually got to fix my bubble tea craving at Disney World thanks to the gardening event! Sadly it wasn't very good, it was way too sweet and they didn't have proper straws so I had to eat my pearls with a spoon =S

Wish I bought some of these guys!

Cute hamster plushies! I think it's quite rare to see hamster stuffies, yes I checked they are not rats/mice!

Pretty tea pot~

Some duckies and mummy duck.

Sea cow/manatee!!! My favorite marine animal! This one's sleeping! Isn't it soooo adorable!!!!!! *runs around pulling hair* soooo cute! ><

*sigh* When they're sleeping they just roll from side to side.

I sweat this sting ray looks like a duck at the front!

Lobster pasta at Coral Reef, not too bad.

Creme brulee for dessert! I think they shrunk the size of this but it's still fairly large and I didn't finish all of it =P

My brother's cup wrapped with layers and layers of protection, doesn't it look like an armadillo here???

Duffy trying on his new outfit ~

Nommy duck dish at Chefs de France at the France pavilion in Epcot.

Cinderella and Prince Charming

tee hee~

Poor t-rex.

I should have bought this for my mum!

Butter beer at Universal Studios, so good!

My eyelash extensions that fell out! These fell out as singles, I don't know if they took off any lashes....found them when I woke up in the morning, sleeping was probably the most hazardous thing for me when I had extensions.

Japanese Curry, green tea and matcha cheese cake for dinner in the leisure of our hotel room. We actually braved the crazy rain just to lug this from Epcot all the way home! It was a long journey and we still can't believe we did that but worth it in the end =)

The Duffy's were really cute, it was hard resisting buying a new one, I even contemplated on getting a 12" one though I already have the 17" one ><

The terminal to board the Disney cruise.

These were delicious!!! My brother kindly gave me his since I liked them so much (and I had already asked the flight attendant for two already hehe)

The coconut patties I brought back as souvenirs from Disney, they were super sweet. My sister enjoyed them but I didn't since I'm not a huge fan of eating coconut.

The fruit bouquet we ordered for mummy's day! The company is called Edible Arrangements. The fruits were super fresh (not the the type coated in sugar) and the entire thing was well made. 

Mango tapioca and biscuits as an afternoon snack, thanks mummy!

Peking duck! My favorite is the wrap, I'm not a huge fan of the second portion which is usually the minced duck and lettuce wrap or the rest stir fried as a dish.

First day in class, small class and the teacher picks people to speak T_T Yes I've gotten picked once already lol

Chocolates from Disney!

Vermicelli dish!

The adorable latte bear art I received with my caramel latte! So adorable!!!

Ramen instructions at G-men Ramen in Richmond.

I got the butter corn ramen! It didn't taste much different to me, I prefer other places.

Those water droplets on my Starbucks lid freaked me out!

Mango cheesecake and milk tea for brekkie!

Got the munchies at night so I looked around and found these =P

While I was waiting at the nail salon I browsed through this magazine and saw this! It's the Palace of Versailles in Paris which reminded me of my trip of almost exactly one year ago! Boy does time fly and I want to go to Europe again!

May was really fun and I'm looking forward to June! Not so much July and August as much since I'm going to be taking my hardcore Chinese course and people have been telling me it was pretty hard for them >< It's clear that the school just wants my money, to be honest I'd rather just give it to them and avoid having to take the course and possibly failing it! Hope everyone had a wonderful May and a great June ahead of them!