~ disney world 2013 - animal kingdom ~

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Animal Kingdom is probably my most favorite park sides from Magic Kingdom, it's just so different and I love watching all the various animals! Sadly this was a day that rained and then poured =( So I was disappointed we didn't get to enjoy it as I had planned but we were still troopers and toughed it out! Actually my flats were so soaked I ended up purchasing a pair of flip flops just so we didn't need to go all the way back to the resort to get the pair I brought.

On the safari ride, the giraffes were super close! 

I'd love to nap all day too! =P

I can't remember what this was but it was sooooooo cute!!!

Gives me the urge to get another hammie!

This was the first time I ever saw a hippo move underwater!

When it rained it poured, in fact it drenched my umbrella so much it was starting to leak...also I sat on a ride and got my shorts soaked and they became transparent -.-

Oh how I hated seeing those clouds!
 I was left to navigate all the parks. Due to the rain we didn't even bother going to another small area of the park =(

The rained eased up every now and then which is when we usually raced for the rides!

Expedition Everest! When we were walking towards the ride three girls came up and gave us their fast passes! At first I thought it was sort of scam but they explained that they didn't need them. Perhaps they were waiting for another party as the pass was going to expire in 10mins! So we went up and hopped on the ride, it was just as good as I remembered!