~ disney world 2013 - epcot ~

Saturday, June 29, 2013
Ahhh Epcot! What I remember most are those small pavilions of various countries throughout the world. Though it can be debated about what is really depicted there I rather just keep this entry light hearted and fun! We started the day at Ohana's for another character breakfast! This time featuring Lilo and Stitch as well as other classic Disney characters.

Epcot was having their Flower and Garden festival when we were there! I was so happy to see all the various characters and try the different foods!

The Duffy store is located in Epcot and there are actually two! My sister has picked up this habit of  "candid" shots and "back" shots lol

During the festival they have special food and drink stands featuring stuff they don't normally have. The special stuff have these menus in front of them and the awesome thing is that most counted as snack credits for us!

I actually found bubble tea in the China pavilion! However they didn't have straws large enough for the bubbles to go through so I had to use a spoon and it was far too sweet! Luckily my sister enjoyed it =P

My sister obviously has taken "paparazzi" shots when I'm shopping!

That's it for Epcot! To be honest I didn't want to blog Disney again but I forgot to upload the photos of my most recent afternoon tea experience so I guess this will have to do for now. I've also been thinking, since I've been to all the Disney park I'm going to try and complete my other Disney goal (I have quite a few of them) would be to visit the parks during special events. So far I've been to the park during Christmas, Easter and some random anniversary ones. I want to do during Halloween and Valentines day!