~ disney world 2013 - hollywood studios ~

Thursday, July 25, 2013
Hollywood Studios was a park that never truly impressed me though it's a great place for photo opts! It also got pretty sunny on the day we went and one of my favorite rides is located in this park, The Tower of Terror!

The new area of Pixar! They even had the little green soldiers from Toy Story walking around here, of course they weren't little.

Oh the clouds! However they did let up!

Coca-Cola! I actually love coke but I try not to drink it too much since it's not good for you at all! The tall isolated coke bottle on the right sprayed out mist.

This is a show featuring puppets, it's played in the dark and there is heavy use of strobe lights with black lights. During the show the person beside me kept using his cell phone on full brightness! At first I thought he was just finishing some stuff up and would stop when the show started but he didn't. In fact I gave him a good 10min window to shut his phone off, it was distracting to everyone! Eventually I had to tell him it was very distracting and he finally turned it off -.-


When my sister asked me what type of ride this was I told her it was a simple ride where you basically go up and down. She heard the up part but not the down park so when we were falling she was truly surprised and scared LOL

 We didn't have reservations this morning and decided to wait for this place to open.

I've been busy with school and life recently so will be slow with blogging. As some of you may know I'm having a bit of blogging blues for a while now and they don't seem to want to go away! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far, I'm really enjoying mines. The weather here has been fantastic!