~ afternoon tea - luv cravings ~

Monday, July 29, 2013
About a month back my friend took me to a new place for afternoon tea. I was excited and surprised that this place turned out to be so edgy, modern and fun! It was also fairly relaxing as there is a separate section for afternoon tea in the back. 

We went to Luv Cravings, right by King Edward Skytrain station so it was close to transportation though there is plenty of street parking. When you first walk in there is a nice and spacious seating area on the right with the baked goods on the left. In the back is the reserved section for afternoon tea. Their tea service is by reservations only.

I really liked the girly but vibrant interior design.

This was our selection of teas, there was a huge variety! We had loads of fun smelling all of them =P

My friend chose the rose tea while I decided to be safe and stuck with a Versailles lavender early grey. Both were really good.

Our tier!

I got the signature afternoon tea while my friend had the petite tea, they put both onto the same tier. 

The finger sandwiches

From what I remember most of these were delicious and I was pleasantly surprised! Usually the sandwiches don't blow me away but these ones did! I was really happy! My friend and I received the same amount of sandwiches but the ones in the middle came with my tea set.

Scones and tarts

There was Earl Grey and cheese scone. O M G. The scones were absolutely heavenly! The perfect size, not too large nor small, not too dry, just delicious! I would come back just for these! I believe the spinach quiche was dry though tasty.

The sweets

Since the tea had gone well so far we had high expectations for the sweets which looked aesthetically pleasing. However this is where we were disappointed! The red velvet cupcake was dry and to me, tasteless. The icing was too sweet, but my main point is it really didn't taste like anything, though it did have the texture of a cupcake. My friend thought the icing was much too sweet.

The chocolate dipped strawberry was fine, the tiramisu was not bad as well. It had some alcohol in it so my friend finished it for me. The carrot cake really took the spotlight, it was super moist and flavorful but much too sweet.

After our meal we received these cute scratch cards! I thought these were really thoughtful and sweet of the owners and shows they appreciate your business.

All in all I have high hopes for Luv Cravings, I really wish them the best. The food was great, service was attentive and the place is lovely. I'm a little worried because it is a bit off the ways from other areas but you never know =) If you're ever in the area you might want to pop by a grab a cup of tea =)