~ iphone photos - july 2013 ~

Monday, August 5, 2013
July was amazing! The weather was perfect, nice and sunny. I had some small school decision to make but now that's all done and over with, I'm so happy with my choice too. I really enjoyed July though there was some stressful moments, will I ever have a stress free month? Hahaha I don't think that's happening anytime soon (answering my own questions -.-)

Grabbed some spinach and artichoke dip to munch on for the ride, it's the best from the cheese cake factory! When I'm home I settle for the one from Joeys. Needless to say not enough dip and too much chips!

Grabbed this candle for my sister. Since I never bought candles before I was floored when I found out this was 25$ so I was really happy to see that 25% off sticker slapped onto it and what was even better was that it there was an extra 25% off, I only found out when I went to pay for it =D 

As for the smell I'm not really into fruity scents but my sister seems to enjoy them quite a bit, this is her third fruit scented candle. I also jumped on the candle band wagon and 25$ candles are a thing of the past!!! I can't believe how luxurious and costly candles can be! Although I haven't forked over more than 25$ for one yet hahaha Oh and another thing, I can only light my candles using those long bbq lighters since I'm scared of fire in the first place....

Yummy ketchup fried rice by the mum!

Soda sun tanning and giving me a disapproving look

I had to lug this poster to school and back, the prof just took photos of our posters, I was tempted to huck this thing out after class but decided not to just in case he lost his camera or something =S

Interesting bread sticks at L'Abattoir, I'll do a separate review another time.

I think this is the cutest tea sample packaging ever!

Menchies again! 

Bought these cute mochi at T&T but they didn't taste too great =S

My favorite cream sauce fillet pasta dish at the Boss, yums!

Mango tapioca drink, thanks mummy! It literally took me half a day to finish this.

Burning my first candle! I wanted the Paris one too but they already ran out, I guess that's what I get for waiting for the sale =P I'm excited about their Autumn collection!

Afternoon tea! Separate post coming hee hee

Thought these weaved roped designs looked cool! 

A huge kiln inside this bakery, it's a lot more impressive in person and was huge! I wonder if bread baked this way tastes any better....

Finally, just relaxing in bed with some of my favorite chocolate chip cookies and my ds =)

When August comes I'll have my final exam and two weeks of vacation time before it's back to the grind in September. I'll probably end up just working =P but we'll see! I hope everyone has a safe and happy August!