~ disney world 2013 - magic kingdom ~

Saturday, August 10, 2013
Another post from my Disney trip a few months back! I'm definitely missing the cruise more than Disney World haha
I tried to only upload and post things that were not posted in my previous trip post but I think I still ended up uploading 20+ photos haha so beware, photo heavy!!!

The areas that are still undergoing construction are hidden from view with large boards with cute illustrations on it such as this one. One even had some "holes" which you could peer through and see what was going on on the other side. I *think* this is the one covering the future roller coaster with the snow white dwarves mine as the theme. You can read more about it on their website.

Gastons Tavern! It's actually a small sit down area where you can buy some snacks and drinks, inside reflects the movie with a fireplace and a large picture of Gaston. Of course the most impressive feature is the fountain on the outside. To the right is a small store selling lots of pretty plates and home ware only available at this location.

Gorgeous plates! I was so tempted to buy some.

I wish they had cups that resembled Chip!

As much as I didn't need anything I eventually broke down a bought a glass cup lol It's not pictured here though.

One of the newest area, Enchanted Forest included the new Under the Sea ride featuring the Little Mermaid!

The area outside, where the line up is, featured Prince Eric's castle (of which I have no photo of haha) The fastpass for this ride is actually beside Mickeys Phillarmagic along with the Winnie the Pooh ride.

It's a story book type musical type ride.

The ride is in these clam shells which remind me of the ones from the Finding Nemo ride.

Overall the ride was fairly enjoyable but for those who've also been to Tokyo Disney you'll find the ride familiar since it reflects Ariels Grotto where there is a meet and greet with Ariel. There is also a new meet and greet area for the Princesses and Ariel as well. We didn't bother lining up for any characters as we had some character meals booked up and we rather go on rides instead.

Didn't eat here but we used it as a landmark to get to some places lol

Another new area features a Circus theme reminiscing Dumbo. It actually also reminds me of Pinocchio which was one creepy movie in my opinion.

Probably one of the largest stores in the Magic Kingdom.

Soooo tempted to get treats!

Magic Kingdom was super fun and if I go to Disney World I like to start off with this part to ease myself into the "Disney-ness". I won't be here for a while so these were some good memories!