~ nyc 2013 - day one ~

Sunday, September 1, 2013
This was a somewhat impromptu trip to New York in August. It was only for three days and it already felt too long. I didn't fall in love with the city and in fact, quite missed home! However I did enjoy myself and do not regret going.

I must say this was probably the trip I did the least planning on since it was such short notice. In fact all I really did was make a list of museums and places I wanted to go. I didn't do any research on the subway or how to get from place to place....

The first museum was the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, I had brunch there too as I read the food at the restaurants/cafes were quite good.

I was blown away by this tea set.

I believe this was a multi-functional desk, I was super intrigued by all the drawers that extended from the sides of the desk as ours usually extend from the front.

The Temple of Dendur was give to the United States by the Egyptians, I can't believe they moved the entire temple here! 

I was super excited to see all this pottery because I they were featured in a class I took last year. *squeals in delight*

If there's one thing that I do regret about NYC it would be that I didn't devote enough time to this museum. Even though we were here for a good few solid hours it wasn't enough.

Headed to the Nintendo store next!

This was the most interesting part in my opinion, I actually expected more from the store...

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and are refreshed to take on the fall! Personally I love autumn, it's my second favorite season coming in after summer. There's nothing better than being able to bundle up in sweaters, scarves and boots. Speaking of which, I need should buy new boots....I also realized that I'm in a lot of these photos hahaha