~ brunch with the sis at cafe medina + september photo challenge ~

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
The last time I went to Cafe Medina was all the way back in January and I didn't have a great experience. My sister and I decided to go for brunch on day but since the place we originally planned to go to was closed we ended up at Cafe Medina, as my sister had never been. I also thought it'd probably be a good chance to give them another shot, I mean they are one of the highest raved brunch places around.

Here's my post from the last time I went!

It looked pretty busy when we got there, I left my name and we got a seat in about 20 mins.

Since I had a bad experience with the mocha from last time I decided to keep it safe and ordered a hot chocolate to share with my sister. It was so yummy that we ended up ordering another one so we could each have our own!

My sister had the Les Boulettes- Moroccan meatballs in roasted tomatoes with hummus and foccacia on the side. This dish was really flavorful and she definitely enjoyed it.

I had the Truite Sassoniere - Steelhead on a bed of quiona and butternut squash salad, with some tomatoes and I think snap peas? The steel head was great and so were the snap peas but I didn't eat much of the quiona since it was saturated with a strong vinaigrette.

Anyways that's it for now, schools keeping me rather busy so I'll be behind with comments and such =( I hope everyone had a good first week of September!