~ disney halloween 2013 pt. 2 ~

Saturday, October 26, 2013
Onto the second part of my Halloween Disney post! I'm so glad the week is over, I had a total of four midterms and I'm pooped! Now I only need to worry about writing my papers and doing well on finals!

In Califnoria Adventures there's this place with a stage for the Mad Hatter's Party! I never actually caught the part but it seemed so festive and perfect for Halloween.

The Monsters Inc. ride is also located beside the stage. I had to try three times before I successfully got to ride it cause it kept breaking down!

I was so excited for Cars Land and it was awesome! Everything looked just like the movie!

The fastpasses for this ride was already handed out before noon (when we got there) so after the lunch I decided to suck it up and wait. When I saw the time showing the wait time I was shocked "105 minutes?!?!?!" Right after I said that a man offered me his passes because he couldn't make the time. I

The candied apples looked sooo good and I was *this* close to buying one but most of them was covered in milk chocolate which I didn't like and two, they were expensive!

This giant Mickey pumpkin was super popular and had line ups throughout the day!

On the story book boat~

That's all for now! I'll be posting up the last part on Halloween or before!