~ disney halloween 2013 pt. 3 ~

Thursday, October 31, 2013
H A P P Y       H A L L O W E E N

The third and last segment of my Disney Halloween trip!

Space Mountain is transformed into Ghost Galaxy during Halloween!

The Starbucks cups at Disney were so adorable! I brought one home but the hot-drink cup.

Main Street was really decked out for the holidays.

Chicken wings at McDonald had me reminiscing my trips to Hong Kong

Though I have no idea how authentic these kinetoscopes are I had a blast viewing them! It only costed a penny. It was thrilling as I had briefly learned about them in class.

Saw some Taffy, which my sister loves!

I really liked the organ display and the time piece display on the right.

I wish I bought this print now but I really have no where to put it.

A few people convinced us that In-n-Out burgers were the best, so we took a taxi ride to get some, I personally wasn't wowed and I think it was a waste of a taxi ride....

Disney Halloween was great! I hope to visit for more occasions. I had to work hard as my midterms were mostly after this trip but it was all worth it. Now time to write papers and get ready for Christmas!