~ afternoon tea - patisserie fur elise ~

Thursday, December 19, 2013
I have been putting off going to Patisserie Fur Elise for far too long! I got the chance to try it on a nice (dry)  but cold day last week. The tea house is located in an easy to reach part of town, fairly close to the Vancouver Public Library and just across the Cambie bridge. I made our reservations using their online system and it worked fairly well, I received a confirmation email the next morning. Afternoon tea is 30$ per person and reservations are highly recommended as I had a reservation on a Wednesday at their opening time (1pm) and the place was packed.

The tea house was located within a heritage house which really added to the charm.

The large light box was helpful in locating their tea house and all the waitress wore that adorable apron dress you see through that window!

When I went in there was no one by the counter on the right so I just helped myself up the stairs where the tea rooms are.

I was promptly seated in a room with four other tables, given menus and I waited for my friend. The tea came in cute teapots and we had different tea cups too. 

Right about now I should probably note that it will probably take you two full hours to finish tea here as the service is a bit on the slow side, it seemed at the time there were only two girls running the whole place.

My friends pretty mango tea! I had the Latte Macchiato tea myself, it wasn't bad but just tasted like a caramel black tea to me.

 ~ our tiers ~

~ savories ~
The sandwiches and quiche were of the standard variety (doesn't mean they were bad). The prosciutto and brie croissant was the biggest disappointment for me. The prosciutto was too salty, I could hardly taste the brie and the croissant itself was toasted far too much, it was hard and too crunchy to enjoy. The scone was tasteless so I had to smother it with jam. I enjoyed all the other sandwiches though.

~ sweets ~
I liked everything here besides the German Christmas bread. The coffee macaron was good, sweet enough to even out the bitter coffee taste. The pecan tart was nice and I enjoyed the tiramisu and strawberry mousse cakes. (Although I do think that the tiramisu tasted more like a light cheesecake)

They have a bakery counter downstairs where some goodies are for sale.

The stand had some jewelry and knick knacks (that I presume) were for sale.

Overall my experience at  Patisserie Fur Elise was quite positive, the waitresses were all very sweet and the ambiance was perfect, that is if you're looking for the ultimate girly princessy tea room. The food was not the greatest but I've also had worse.