~ dine out 2014 - miku ~

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
I was glad it was such a gorgeous day today as I had a lunch date with a friend downtown. Dine Out is happening in Vancouver right now so I decided to take advantage of it and try a restaurant that's been on my list for a while, Miku.

I made a reservation for 11:30am and when we arrived the place was nearly empty, I was glad since I prefer the quietness. However people started pouring in by 12 and when we left at 1pm the place was packed! I must say service was great, our water glasses were never empty (despite how small they were) and the waiter seemed patient and actually cared about our choices. I would recommend asking for a window seat when making your reservation.

We were seated farther in the back of the restaurant by the large windows. If we didn't have a window seat I would've hoped for a booth.

I thought the table setting was adorable and unique, it definitely fit the theme of Miku well. 

We ordered from the Dine Out menu although I did take a look at their regular menu. Our server explained that their Dine Out menu is similar to the lunch box they offer usually but there is more food and they tried to showcase their best stuff.

The first appetizer was miso soup. It was flavorful but I don't know if I'd say rich, it might have just been salt...

The wooden box with the bowls are the four remaining appetizers. All were very good, I ate from right to left. The shrimp and beef shank were my favorite from the four.

The top plate is the entree. I believe Miku is popular for their aburi sushi (seared fish) but I personally do not like the taste of seared fish too too much, nevertheless all were delicious. My favorite was the prawn one and the rolled one!

There were two options for dessert but unfortunately I can't remember the other option. Both my friend and I chose the passion fruit sorbet. The sorbet was a nice refresher after the seared fish, I thought it complimented the meal very well. I most especially liked that there were "extras" such as the fruit, a piece of white chocolate and a sugar cookie with the sorbet.

I really enjoyed my lunch at Miku and wouldn't hesitate to come back to try their more extensive dinner menu.

~ iphone photos - december 2013 ~

Sunday, January 12, 2014
December was a bit of a whirlwind month for me and it flew by super fast! Christmas felt less "christmassy" this year and many of my friends agreed, I don't know what initiated that feeling but I still have high hopes for 2014! I feel like its too late to put this post up but since my sister asked, how can I say no =) 

After a big pasta meal my friend and I walked Waves for some hot chocolate.The taste is almost the same as the hot chocolate at Blenz, but it's much stronger and richer at Blenz, which I prefer.

I survived my Chinese final, only one more semester of it to go.

Adorable Christmas cards I sort-of-regret not getting!

I wanted to buy these Line plushies for my sister but at 60$(?) for one, yeah I don' think so...

My friend kept egging me on to get this, only 6$ and it would last for a while....I didn't end up buying it and now I'm thinking I should have BUT there's always next year.

Saw this mysterious glow on the drive home!

Afternoon tea at Patisserie Fur Elise - read my post here!

My sister went to afternoon tea at Adorabelle tea room (my post here) and I asked her to buy me back this delicious cream earl grey. It's so good I'm more than half way done!

I was really excited to try the festive flavored macarons at Soriette but was pretty disappointed. My favorite was probably Ginger bread and Candy cane.

My sister made me this adorable little gift card holder~ When I first saw it I thought she bought it! Thanks sissy!

Most of my month was just working, family dinners and some friend catch ups here and there. I'm looking forward to the school semester for a stable schedule. I hope everyone is having a smooth and worry free new year!

~ disney cruise 2013 - walking around the ship ~

Thursday, January 2, 2014
The ship that we cruised on was the Dream. Disney has a total of 4 ships with Fantasy being their newest ship. The Dream is their third ship. The interiors of the ship is absolutely gorgeous! Of course they keep the exterior of the ship constantly clean as well, whenever we port there are always people cleaning the windows and sides of the ship.
~ Disney Dream ~

This photo was taken when we docked at Nassau.

You can see Mickey and his crew of broomsticks cleaning the front of the ship!

Interior of the elevators. These were mostly packed with families and strollers so we usually just walked up the 6 flights of stairs to our room lol

The main hallway leading to and from Royal Palace and Animators restaurants, it also lead to the stairs to the aft. We frequented this hallway a lot.

I believe this is a scene from Peter Pan? 

Bright decor! The main atrium was packed when everyone first arrived since lots of people were waiting for their rooms to be ready. This depended on the arrival time which you picked during your booking, our room was ready at 1:30.

The gorgeous glass lighting in the main atrium.

This was one of the shops on-board. Shops are only open when the ship is actually sailing and are closed when ported so sometimes the shops only opened for about 5 hours!

This is the theater where the musicals were held.

The four elevators at each part of the ship. 

There was art everywhere!

The pelican at Cabana's the buffet and other dining option besides the main dining rooms.

We were still ported when we ate but at one time we spotted two dolphins outside the window!....I know it just looks like a grey blob but I swear it was really a dolphin.

This is the theater where they showed various movies. When I was there they showed Brave, Wreck it Ralph, Iron Man 3, Oz the great and powerful as well as Lincoln.

The 3D was amazing ! Much better than the regular glasses we get at our local theaters. However the seat reclined awkwardly for me and I had to lay my head down on the hard chair seat which resulted in a headache for me >< We watched Brave which was really good!

The main atrium. My sister, who worked at the port checking people in for the cruise line one summer, told me that they make each level shorter in order to give an illusion that the atrium is a lot taller than it really is!

Resting and waiting for the movie to start.

Missing this.