~ iphone photos - January 2014 ~

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Looking back at these photos made me really confused because I kept thinking they fell into the December category but I guess not (since I looked back at the December post to check). January has been pretty calm (except for the regular panic session I have with my course schedule every semester) and I'm really looking forward to February which is really the calm before the storm aka midterms.

Finally got around to building the R2-D2 lego my family got me for my birthday a few months back. I haven't finished it yet but managed to build the body, it was really fun and was so relaxing to just lose myself in the process of it.

I also got around to doing my make up purge. Most of these are empty bottles, over due stuff or really old products, hair bands that lost their elasticity.....

                      Early Grey Tea Latte -Waves                 Peach Tea Latte - Starbucks for Chinese New Year

                         Hot Chocolate - Glenrbern                                 Hot Chocolate - Cafe Divano

I also realized that I had a lot of "drinks" this month as in the not alcoholic types but mainly hot chocolate! I guess I never realized how much I liked it until now.

Such a fat pigeon! I also learned one of my friends has a fear of birds, especially when they're flying...

I finally got to try some Thomas Haas macarons thanks to a good friend! They weren't bad, quite fluffy. I also tried their hot chocolate for the hot chocolate festival, I had the passionfruit one. I didn't really like it but my friend loved it.

Went to Campagnola Roma with my family. They had Dineout but we chose to order from the regular menu since their Dineout one didn't appeal to us.

The food overall was decent, the clam appetizer was amazing. The service was good but a bit slow since there was really only one waitress and the place got busy fast.

We tried all their desserts. Tiramisu was delicious, their soft serve was kiwi and I really like that too. It wasn't too sweet. My dad really liked the panna cotta serve sideways in a jar.

My friend fell in love with the Earl Grey tea I brought back from Angelina's in Paris, which is good for me since I had no idea what to do with all of them! I'm gave her the entire box.

Finally to end the month off a friend and I went to the Vancouver Urban Winery. Despite the fact that I can't hold my liquor well at all lol Still we enjoyed our time there, the place was really nice although a bit hard to find.

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  1. I quickly scrolled down the moment I saw the pigeon.

  2. Im not a coffee drinker, always hot chocolate for me. Those look delicious!!!

  3. Hi Suki!!! happy lunar new year! I missed reading your blog, i have a few entries to catch up on from you, i haven't been around for a while haha.

    LEGO! omg how i miss lego. Sometimes when i go into the lego store, i find myself building things with the little kids until the workers starts eyeing me funny.

    Your Disney cruise looks so fun. I recently went on the Oasis of the seas, but maybe this year or next year i rally want to try a disney cruise. i heard you have to line up forever just to take a picture with each character.

    hope everything is well with you though! How is Vancouver? Toronto has been giving us SO MUCH SNOW!! we just had a really harsh snowstorm the past wednesday. urgh. horrendous

  4. How did I missed the peach tea latte?! The fat pigeon cracked me up. LOL. Oh! I finally visited Akasaka in Surrey - it's so good! I've been doing the oxygen infrared yoga by gilmore station. It's not super hot - just warm but you sweat buckets at the end :D

    I still love tights more than jeans so here to a voluptuous 2014! Men seems to prefer extra poundage on girls anyways :D

  5. OMG all these coffee/tea trinks make me crave a Starbucks ♥ But they only have really boring ones here in Germany... The most 'interesting' one we ever had was the Macha Frapuccino but they stopped doing it for winter :( And I enjoyed Pumpkin spiced latte which was quite nice ♪