~iphone photos- Feburary 2014 ~

Monday, March 10, 2014
February was both a relaxing and hectic month for me. It was the month that I had a week off from classes (we call it a reading break but I don't understand why we only have it during this semester!) but I also had midterms as well. Life has been pretty relaxing so far and I ate a lot over the last few weeks, enough for me to gain 3lbs! (which means load of food photos)

I celebrated two birthdays this month! My friend planned a night to Exit, a Korean dinner , and then we went for dessert and hot chocolate. Exit was pretty fun, our group had 5 people but we didn't even make it past the first door! 

February is also the month of the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year. Huge lanterns at Aberdeen.

My sister and I shared strawberry milkshakes at White Spot, it was delicious!

The handmade card my sister made her bf, so adorable! She's been really crafty lately and doing lots of cooking and baking (meaning I have dinner when I come home from classes hehehe).

Saw this interesting van on the way back home...

Roti canai ~

I finally managed to complete my R2-D2 lego! He now sits happily on my desk watching me type up this blog post...

I bought this top from Zara a while ago but never really wore it. I didn't know how to style it well but now I'm in love!

It also snowed like crazy!!! My dog really enjoyed it but I had a hard time walking on campus, I almost slipped a couple of times.

After running out of tea bags I started to use my whale tea steeper, my friend ordered it off Amazon. It makes a funny sound when half submerged like that though. Also I kept calling it a dolphin but my friend kindly reminded me it was a whale.

I attempted to trace my dogs paw onto the birthday card but he wasn't have any of that so I just plucked some of his fur off and taped it there instead. A friend found it hilarious and said it resembled a ransom note.

My sister and I polished off this bar of chocolate fast!

To top off my month, my sister sent me this photo when I was in my evening class. It read "for your period blues", I have the best sister ever!!! 

I've got a bit of the blogging blues so posts may be sporadic =)