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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Castaway cay, oh how I miss thee. To be truthful I was never a beach person and I believed holidays spent just lying upon the sand a waste, but now I have been semi-converted! This part of the trip really made me change my perspective of beaches and relaxing!

The view outside our room after we docked. That morning my siblings signed up for some snorkeling, I didn't go but apparently the water was so murky they didn't get to see anything. I'm so glad I decided to just sleep in, they had to get up at 6am or 7am for muddy snorkeling.

I wish I found these or was told about this earlier! These are the cards for breakfast room service. Basically you check off what you want, hang it outside your room door and you will have your breakfast served to you the next morning. There are lots of breakfast options and you can also request a time for it to be delivered. Be wary though, I hear that the morning of the last day many people get room service so you may not get your food exactly at your requested time.

We decided to walk and find the tram to take us to Serenity Bay, the adult only beach.

The walk was actually quite far, or perhaps because I was starting to get impatient. There were lots of food places along the way and a store too which also sold suntan lotion, towels, toys, and what not for a good day on the beach.

One of the food stands. To be honest it took a while to get used to not having to pay for anything, you just walk up and order your food, eat and leave, with the exception of alcohol of course.

Finally there....
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! My sister and I swam out first while my brother watched our stuff. We reached that small island in the middle and stayed there for a quite a bit. Afterwards my sister and brother went out, to be honest I don't think anyone really needed to stay behind to look after our stuff...

I'm so glad I grabbed a bag of these chips from the food stand, I was starving at this point.

When I look at these photos I can almost hear the waves and feel the water...

Enchanted Garden was the restaurant for our final night's dinner. I was excited to eat here because it looked gorgeous in the photos.

This photo was actually taken during lunch, there's no way you'd get a photo like this at dinner because it would be so packed.

Our server would suggest various dishes to us every night. I also noticed that he would get very happy and excited if you chose the dish he recommended.

Our breads, butter and special spread of the night. I can't particularly remember what this one tasted like..

My romaine salad....my sister and brother laughed at me when this came! However! It was actually pretty easy to eat but not enough sauce. Those must be the biggest croutons I've ever seen and I'm not a fan of them in the first place.

My fish and thai sauce, thai sauce makes everything good.

I think this was my sisters dish.

Again my trio of mini desserts...

Our adorable towel elephant thanks to our room keeper!

The next morning it was my turn to laugh at my sisters breakfast, look at her two hard boiled eggs =D

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  1. Bonjour,je viens de parcourir votre blog,j'ai beaucoup aimé....j'ais déjà traité un site comme ca

  2. It looks so sunny and relaxing *envy* >w<
    Such a beautiful blue ocean :D

  3. That trip look so relaxing! I'm in dire need of a vacation but it seems a bit hard to do so right now. We've finally moved in and pulled out the basic necessity but haven't really "settled" in yet. I heard it takes 6 - 8 months to settle down from my friends & co-workers...lol...

    That island looked so far away...i can't believe you guys swam all the way out there!

  4. Hey
    The pictures are gorgeous!!
    LOL so did your sister just ask for two hardboiled eggs and a hashbrown patty or was it from the buffet?

    I think you should do one excursion filled "vacation" and alternate it with an actual restful vacation :)

  5. looking at your photo...you excite me..just in two days I'll be in paradise..beach:) btw, yes, the breakfast of your sister is awesome...lol

  6. I’m glad that you’ve grown to appreciate the beach and the slow pace of life there. It is really therapeutic to be out at the beach listening to the lapping of waves. Muddy snorkelling sounds eeew. Good choice staying in. I think cruise is such a fine thing, especially all the food and entertainment you get w/o having to pay. You make me feel like going on a cruise. You and your siblings are such good swimmers to have swum right up to that island which was almost invisible in the photo. It must have been really far. And from the 3-colour tone of the waters, it seems like there would be a part where you had to swim across really deep waters. Yous sis’s breakfast is really cute. Did she order that or it was a buffet and she scooped those up?

    Oh my, your comment jolted me back to a nightmare a had a few days ago that went totally out of my mind till I read what you said. I dreamt that our place was infested with rodents, those baby hamster looking-like rodents and the hubz and I were just hitting them and smashing them up! It was horrible. I don't know why we had to kill them. I feel so disgusted by the scene.

    Yup, I try to avoid instant noodles and cup noodles coz of the wei jing too. But once in a while when I eat some that had good soup, I was lap all up. It's bad, I know.

    We tried the reality escape game called Freeing SG last week and we managed to escape! Yeah. Gonna try another one called Break Out next week!