~ iphone photos - May 2014 ~

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Honestly I have no idea what happened to April but here are my May iphone photos. May was a really fun month and the weather was great! Honestly it's often hard for me to remember what I've done in the past month if I don't look at these photos and relive the memory.

I finally finished a small candle so I cleaned it out and put all my buttons in it! If anyone's curious it was Bath and Body Works - Black Pepper Bergamot.

Saw these adorable tea cup shot glasses <3 anyone="" at="" if="" interested.="" outfitters="" p="" s="" they="" urban="" were="">
I started writing a journal again and since I was in between semesters I was able to write quite a bit.

Teddy bear latte art from Blenz, I got my usual hot chocolate - half milk and half white.

The new Oui Paris Cafe finally opened and I was able to try it with a friend.

I ordered a hot chocolate and some type of cake. I was disappointed with both. When I asked the cashier what this particular cake was like she looked annoyed to answer my question and answered "it's just a little cake". The little cake turned out to be tasteless and very dry. The hot chocolate came in a generous size but sadly it was tasteless. 

I'll wait a few weeks before returning to see if they've ironed some stuff out. I'm hoping for a more positive experience in the food as I really enjoy the space.
My friend had a savory crepe here that she said wasn't bad.

My friends pistachio macaron on the left and I was admiring the pretty pink salt!

Macarons from Faubourg. They were all yummy but I liked the passion fruit one the best.

My family and I had teppanyaki night and the fire was way too big and close to my liking!

These are so adorable!

Finally, I ended the month with Wicked! It was absolutely amazing and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to see it!

7 comments on "~ iphone photos - May 2014 ~"
  1. All the stuff you took pics of is just so lovely ~ I want to try all the delicious sweets ~ x3

  2. Sweet pictures c: good job with writing on journals!
    I do that as well ^__^ and I love that bear shapped
    latte :P Xx

  3. that's a really good idea to use your candle jars to put buttons in! i have a few that are almost done, how do you clean all the leftover wax out?

    ooo the deserts look so yummy


  4. Hey Suki..I hope everything has been good with you! I've been so bad with my "blogging life" I feel like I haven't caught up with you in so long lol. Nice photos! I always like to go back through my phone photos to relive the month as well ;)

  5. itty bittys - OMG, such cute plushies! When I were there, I had pobably bought one xD
    mhmm, and the sweets looks yum yum :D

  6. Hey :)) Sorry I didn't stop by for such a long time. I love seeing your photo collection ^-^ The macarons look so perfect <3 I am gonna make some this afternoon but I am fairly certain they will not have that perfect shape.

    Kerstin (aka Keki)

  7. Ah, I totally agree with your 1st paragraph. If I don't have all photos, I wouldn't have been able to recall all the many fond memories I have of my life. The teacups are so lovely. I wished to steal them from my screen. I love Wicked. It was wickedly good!

    It's always nice to see you around, Sam. Love reading your thoughtful comment as usual. OMG, I didn't know that fact about the garnish. I do know that for some places, no matter which dishes we order, the garnish would look the same but I didn't know the part about reusing. I guess the kitchen would dislike me for eating up their garnish. Hehehe... I think you would love the truffle butter too! And yes, good service goes a long way especially in creating impressions and leaving memories.