~ San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge & Lombard St. ~

Thursday, August 21, 2014
We actually went to these two sites on separate days but I decided to put them within the same post. The Golden Gate Bridge was one of those things where I felt like I had to do since I was there. It was windiest (and coldest) by the bridge so I'm  glad I didn't wear a dress!

Many people walked across the bridge but we just admired from afar.

Taking the cable car to Lombard st.!

Apparently tour buses and the like aren't allowed to drive down anymore due to complaints from local residences. If you want to go down you need to get here yourself (cable car, taxi, public transit, walk etc.) and walk.

I feel in love with this house!

I thought the cars peeking through while coming down the street were adorable.

Lombard street wasn't in our "planned" itinerary but I enjoyed it a lot! I wish it was longer though and the cable car ride was super bumpy but fun!
8 comments on "~ San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge & Lombard St. ~"
  1. Wow you got some great photos! Whenever I see the Golden Gate bridge it always reminds me of when the hubby and I tried to ride a tandem bike across it... from Fisherman's Wharf... yeh was NOT a good idea. Or maybe we we're just too unfit for the challenge. Always makes me chuckle at the thought. What camera do you use for your pics btw?

  2. Love San Francisco! I've never been to Lombard street though but I would love to go one day!

  3. San Francisco reminds me a bit of Europe ;P
    I'd totally hike the Golden Gate Bridge haha
    Very lovely pictures!

  4. Aww this street look beautiful. Putting this on my list of "places to visit"!

  5. Lombard street seems so lovely @o@ those houses are all nice!

  6. Oh, hi there suki! I hope you are doing well :D
    San Franciso is awesome, I enjoyed visiting this city so much. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to see the Golden Gate Bridge from near.

  7. I have yet to visit Lombard St and I'm definitely not going to bother driving it. However, it's probably not that bad compared to other streets in SF. There are some streets that I really wish they had made curvy instead of straight because they're so steep that when you put your foot off the gas, your car immediately starts to roll backwards. And we're talking about automatic cars! Scariest driving experience of my life. @__@

    Your last photo is such a great shoot of the street!

  8. My friends who visit SF always tell me what a gorgeous place it is. I cannot imagine the walk up and down the steep slopes w/o the buses.

    I almost forgot you changed your blog url and thought you were a new reader to my blog. You don't have many photos of yourself on your recent posts. I was trying to scroll through your blog to confirm who you are before I replied. Hehehe... Thank you for your kind and sweet compliments as usual. xoxo

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière