~ San Francisco - Walt Disney Family Museum ~

Sunday, September 21, 2014
This was one of the highlights from my San Francisco trip, The Walt Disney Family Museum. At first I had no idea this existed until I did a bit of researching and viola! I was able to have a touch of Disney magic on my trip. The museum is actually fairly close to the Golden Gate Bridge and there was a complimentary shuttle that went around the area.

We didn't have a lot of time to spare there since we got there only about 90mins? before their closing time and I had also wanted to check out their special exhibit too - when I was there it was the Mary Blair exhibit but right now they're featuring works of Marc Davis which looks amazing! The special exhibit was held in another building but still fairly close to the main building.

The exhibit displayed her early works of art before she started at Disney.

I loved the bold colours for the walls, it complimented her artwork perfectly.

The next set of photographs are from the main museum.

The museum is mainly about Walt Disney's personal history with his business and also features moments when things weren't going too well.

There was a small section featuring miniatures. This doll house was really detailed!

A  model of the Disney Land at Anaheim, the only one that Walt Disney actually set foot in (I believe).

The museum ended with the celebration of Walt Disney's works and also noting that the world mourned his passing away. I actually got a bit emotional here...

The museum was amazing and whether you're a fan of Disney or not you will probably be able to find something interesting here. Some parts of the museum were interactive and I even felt a bit of sensory overload at some points but probably because I was under a time crunch.