~ iphone photos - december 2013 ~

Sunday, January 12, 2014
December was a bit of a whirlwind month for me and it flew by super fast! Christmas felt less "christmassy" this year and many of my friends agreed, I don't know what initiated that feeling but I still have high hopes for 2014! I feel like its too late to put this post up but since my sister asked, how can I say no =) 

After a big pasta meal my friend and I walked Waves for some hot chocolate.The taste is almost the same as the hot chocolate at Blenz, but it's much stronger and richer at Blenz, which I prefer.

I survived my Chinese final, only one more semester of it to go.

Adorable Christmas cards I sort-of-regret not getting!

I wanted to buy these Line plushies for my sister but at 60$(?) for one, yeah I don' think so...

My friend kept egging me on to get this, only 6$ and it would last for a while....I didn't end up buying it and now I'm thinking I should have BUT there's always next year.

Saw this mysterious glow on the drive home!

Afternoon tea at Patisserie Fur Elise - read my post here!

My sister went to afternoon tea at Adorabelle tea room (my post here) and I asked her to buy me back this delicious cream earl grey. It's so good I'm more than half way done!

I was really excited to try the festive flavored macarons at Soriette but was pretty disappointed. My favorite was probably Ginger bread and Candy cane.

My sister made me this adorable little gift card holder~ When I first saw it I thought she bought it! Thanks sissy!

Most of my month was just working, family dinners and some friend catch ups here and there. I'm looking forward to the school semester for a stable schedule. I hope everyone is having a smooth and worry free new year!