~ dine out 2014 - miku ~

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
I was glad it was such a gorgeous day today as I had a lunch date with a friend downtown. Dine Out is happening in Vancouver right now so I decided to take advantage of it and try a restaurant that's been on my list for a while, Miku.

I made a reservation for 11:30am and when we arrived the place was nearly empty, I was glad since I prefer the quietness. However people started pouring in by 12 and when we left at 1pm the place was packed! I must say service was great, our water glasses were never empty (despite how small they were) and the waiter seemed patient and actually cared about our choices. I would recommend asking for a window seat when making your reservation.

We were seated farther in the back of the restaurant by the large windows. If we didn't have a window seat I would've hoped for a booth.

I thought the table setting was adorable and unique, it definitely fit the theme of Miku well. 

We ordered from the Dine Out menu although I did take a look at their regular menu. Our server explained that their Dine Out menu is similar to the lunch box they offer usually but there is more food and they tried to showcase their best stuff.

The first appetizer was miso soup. It was flavorful but I don't know if I'd say rich, it might have just been salt...

The wooden box with the bowls are the four remaining appetizers. All were very good, I ate from right to left. The shrimp and beef shank were my favorite from the four.

The top plate is the entree. I believe Miku is popular for their aburi sushi (seared fish) but I personally do not like the taste of seared fish too too much, nevertheless all were delicious. My favorite was the prawn one and the rolled one!

There were two options for dessert but unfortunately I can't remember the other option. Both my friend and I chose the passion fruit sorbet. The sorbet was a nice refresher after the seared fish, I thought it complimented the meal very well. I most especially liked that there were "extras" such as the fruit, a piece of white chocolate and a sugar cookie with the sorbet.

I really enjoyed my lunch at Miku and wouldn't hesitate to come back to try their more extensive dinner menu.