~ iphone photos - March 2014 ~

Saturday, April 5, 2014
Looking back at these photos, I'm glad I started doing these monthly iphone photos. More often than not I've already forgotten what I've done in the past month, so writing these posts make me appreciate the passing of time and my experiences that much more. 

March was a busy month for me, it was when midterms were scheduled and when I had to register for summer courses. I still managed to find time for myself as always in between and I had more time near the end of the month. I managed to catch up with some friends and try out some new restaurants!

There's a certain few blocks that I always pass by on my way to school that has the cutest shops, luckily my friend and I found time to check out the cute stores! I thought this changing room layout was adorable~


Menchies! I was craving something tropical so I got a mix of mango and lime~

Popcorn was served when my class went to the school theater to watch a documentary about Andrea Palladio, it was extremely interesting and fun.

Mcdonalds has a Toasted Marshmallow hot cocoa right now and it's actually not bad! I've already had three...I use the fact that it's "limited edition" as an excuse to have more.

These photos make it feel like spring has finally come! I helped my friend order the Tarte package, I really want to try their lip surgence sticks and lipgloss though.

Nice bathrooms calls for  shameless selfies~

This restaurant has been on my to try list for forever! The photo is a bit misleading because it wasn't really warm enough for patio weather yet so they lowered the windows down for us.

The food wasn't bad but it wasn't anything spectacular either.

That's it for March! April is crunch time too since I've got finals and what not but hopefully I'll probably be able to manage more break days in between since my exams are spread apart quite well. I hope everyone has been enjoying the beginnings of spring~