~ afternoon tea - butter baked goods ~

Monday, April 28, 2014
It's been a while since I've had afternoon tea, it seems that I'm a sporadic "tea-er". I tend to go in high frequencies followed by a phantom mellowed out period. Since my afternoon tea friend is going to be away for four months we decided to try a place that's been on our list for quite a while, so long in fact my friend had forgotten about it - Butter Baked Goods.

Although reservations are not required I highly recommend them as the place got busy fast! The afternoon tea service is 28$ per person, they also have a lighter tea set option at 14$.

The tea room is fairly small but easily accessible, in fact it's right by a bus stop. Although I live on the opposite end of the city so it would've taken me 90 mins to bus here. (Thanks for the ride younger brother!)

Despite the size of the store, they were able to make the most out of the space and fit in quite a number of tables. I really liked their table settings.

Each tea cup was different and this was mines, it reminded me of a creamer cup. We were also given metal tea strainers that I kept forgetting to use...

~ our tier ~

~ finger sandwiches ~
I think I had the largest egg sandwich and cucumber sandwich here, not that it's a bad thing but they usually tend to be half the size. 

~ scones with jam and devonshire cream ~
The scones were chocolate and pecans as well as a raisin scones. I only had enough stomach room for one so I had the chocolate and raisin one, it was delicious. We packed the raisin scones to go afterwards.

~ sweets ~
Now that I think about it, all the sweets were fairly good. I enjoyed the chocolate tart and pecan tart the most. Although the granola bar was good and the lemon pound cake were moist too.

Butter Baked Goods also sold...well...baked goods! From what I could see everything looked good, I was even tempted to buy a cookie home but clearly I was overstuffed from tea.

At the end of the counter you can see the cookbook they released.

Their products were also being sold at Chapters, which we surprisingly ran into while shopping after this tea excursion. 

I had a great time at Butter Baked Goods, my friend and I sat for a little more than 2 hours and not once did we feel rushed. In fact I felt welcomed as they offered to refill our tea pots many times and always with a smile. If I lived close I have a feeling I would become a regular and if you're not in the mood for afternoon tea they also serve breakfast and lunch.