~ Museum of Vancouver ~

Monday, June 9, 2014
For a little while now I promised my sister I would accompany her to some places on her to-go list, mostly we're tourist locations. She let me pick which one I wanted to go to and since I hadn't come to this particular museum ever I decided we should check it out. 

The Museum of Vancouver is actually attached the same building that the McMillan Space Center. When you enter the space center is to your left and the museum to your right. We actually went to both but I would not recommend the space center simply because you could see everything in about 15mins. 

The large crab like sculpture water fountain outside is almost an attraction in itself.

I actually did not a high expectation for the museum but I was blow away! I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Back in the days when White Spot had drive ins they would serve you your good on a long horizontal tray as pictured above, that's so neat!

These eerie looking tools are actually what they used to curl ladies hair.

There was so much to see and do that I wouldn't mind going back a second time soon. The place was beautifully displayed with lots of details and interesting facts from various periods of time. This is the permanent exhibit and across the hall is for temporary exhibits. When I went it was Rewilding Vancouver,  I thought it was really interesting. It's exhibits are to invoke memories of Vancouver in the past, focusing on ecology.