~ iphone photos - May 2014 ~

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Honestly I have no idea what happened to April but here are my May iphone photos. May was a really fun month and the weather was great! Honestly it's often hard for me to remember what I've done in the past month if I don't look at these photos and relive the memory.

I finally finished a small candle so I cleaned it out and put all my buttons in it! If anyone's curious it was Bath and Body Works - Black Pepper Bergamot.

Saw these adorable tea cup shot glasses <3 anyone="" at="" if="" interested.="" outfitters="" p="" s="" they="" urban="" were="">
I started writing a journal again and since I was in between semesters I was able to write quite a bit.

Teddy bear latte art from Blenz, I got my usual hot chocolate - half milk and half white.

The new Oui Paris Cafe finally opened and I was able to try it with a friend.

I ordered a hot chocolate and some type of cake. I was disappointed with both. When I asked the cashier what this particular cake was like she looked annoyed to answer my question and answered "it's just a little cake". The little cake turned out to be tasteless and very dry. The hot chocolate came in a generous size but sadly it was tasteless. 

I'll wait a few weeks before returning to see if they've ironed some stuff out. I'm hoping for a more positive experience in the food as I really enjoy the space.
My friend had a savory crepe here that she said wasn't bad.

My friends pistachio macaron on the left and I was admiring the pretty pink salt!

Macarons from Faubourg. They were all yummy but I liked the passion fruit one the best.

My family and I had teppanyaki night and the fire was way too big and close to my liking!

These are so adorable!

Finally, I ended the month with Wicked! It was absolutely amazing and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to see it!