~ San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge & Lombard St. ~

Thursday, August 21, 2014
We actually went to these two sites on separate days but I decided to put them within the same post. The Golden Gate Bridge was one of those things where I felt like I had to do since I was there. It was windiest (and coldest) by the bridge so I'm  glad I didn't wear a dress!

Many people walked across the bridge but we just admired from afar.

Taking the cable car to Lombard st.!

Apparently tour buses and the like aren't allowed to drive down anymore due to complaints from local residences. If you want to go down you need to get here yourself (cable car, taxi, public transit, walk etc.) and walk.

I feel in love with this house!

I thought the cars peeking through while coming down the street were adorable.

Lombard street wasn't in our "planned" itinerary but I enjoyed it a lot! I wish it was longer though and the cable car ride was super bumpy but fun!