~ iphone photos December 2014 ~

Sunday, January 4, 2015
I thought December was going to be one of those months that will be longer due to the lack of classes and work. However when does life ever happen like that? Although I didn't have any classes I still ended up working on nearly all the days I was free. I'm not complaining but I'm looking forward to the "me time" that I can afford during the school semester.

I was still able to find time to spend with friends and loved ones. This years Christmas was relaxing, enjoyable, and most importantly - warm.

My friend made me my first homemade advent calender! Prior to I've only had the store bought ones filled with candy or chocolates.

Inside she put little treats like the one above as well as chocolates, teas, and even a starbucks gift card!

There was a Keurig machine event going on at the mall which was great for me since my siblings and I bought one for my parents for Christmas. 

I couldn't resist the Guerlain lipstick sample from Sephora, so far I've loving it.

I watched Mary Poppings, the musical, with a friend and it was amazing! Yes my finger got in the way of my photo taking again.

Soda's adorable Christmas scarf. It's double sided with red and white stripes on the back.

Christmas shopping.

This year my friend and I went to Miku for our annual Christmas dinner. The food was great and thank you so very much for the present!

I went to see the Forbidden City exhibit at the art gallery. I wasn't allowed to take photos of that particular exhbit but check out this one by Ai Weiwei titled Bang.

Part of a Christmas gift from my pen-pal (email actually). The milk chocolate was delicious, I finished it in a day! 

And finally, a partial gift from my parents and a partial gift to myself.

I'm definitely looking forward to 2015 and I wish everyone the best of luck in all areas of life.