~ iphone photos - March 2016 ~

Sunday, March 20, 2016
Technically these photos aren't all from March, they actually range from the end of 2015 till now. Since then I've upgraded to an Iphone 6 so hopefully the quality of the photos are a smidge better. I feel like doing a blog post now so I'm just going to throw it out there, hopefully I can manage to write one of these a month. I notice I take a lot less photos with my phone so I'm going to try and be more conscious of that now.

I'm also currently thinking of changing blogging platforms and am also experimenting with my blog layout so I apologize for the width of this text or any other technical issues that may arise in the next few months.

A cute macaron I bought from a supermarket. I had a cleaning appointment later on so I saved it to eat afterwards....

What it looked like when I actually ate it. Smushed in my bag.

I've been looking for a new fragrance lately and randomly stumbled upon this one at Anthropologie. I only have one perfume I use consistently now which is the Miss Dior EDT. I'm looking for a clean floral scent that isn't sweet. I really liked Marc Jacobs Daisy but it doesn't match with my body chemistry and fades far too quickly. Hopefully I can pop into the store soon and give it another test run.

Annual visit to the temple. I think the rain enhances the ambiance.

Watched my first opera! Attending an opera has always been something I've wanted to do but there hasn't been one that's intrigued me till Madama Butterfly came into town! I loved it and am looking forward to attending more operas in the future.

It was a good length, about 2hrs and 40mins with one intermission. I know there are many operas that are far longer in length but I thought this one was perfect for a first timer. One thing I would suggest is to not sit too close to the stage, I sat in row 7 but I wish I sat in at least row 10 or 12 because it was hard to read the captions above the stage.

They allow you to take photographs at the end when all the stage members come up for their applause.

For my fathers birthday we took him to Top of Vancouver since it's a place he's been wanting to try for many years. The view is spectacular but the food is only subpar.

6 comments on "~ iphone photos - March 2016 ~"
  1. I've noticed I now take a lot less photos as well so I don't blog as much as I used to.
    Such a cute macaron! Too bad it got all crumbled lol =\
    The photo of the temple is really beautiful. & the opera seemed nice..I don't think I've ever been to an actual opera before. I've just watched plays and musicals but I always like seeing the costumes.
    I love the view from that restaurant!

  2. I probably take more random pictures, but they usually end up on Instagram instead of my blog. But yay another blog post! I feel like I haven't heard from you in a while. ^__^

    I laughed when I saw the second picture of your macaron. I do that too often, so I totally know that feeling.
    Wow that's such a beautiful picture of the temple.

    At first, I was wondering why you need to see captions, but then later found that it's done in Italian. >__<

  3. Ah noes, that poor bear macaron! I hope it was still delicious ^^
    What gorgeous scenery photos ~ and the opera looks really interesting and amazing! :3 I'd love to go see one, one day!

  4. OMG!!! Suki it's you? <3 Ahhh it really is coincidental (it's not creepy at all! I am super super happy!!! :D Seriously, I should have checked my comments earlier as you posted to my blog on 10th March, forgive me hehe <3). I remember how you gave me the best advice on which Louis Vuitton to choose and I so loved your Afternoon Tea Posts. It's such a super sweet surprise to hear from you.
    How are you doing? Do you have Instagram by any chance? I am way more active there :D (my name is: whateverfindgold). I would so love to catch up properly hehe. Your photos are lovely (just as lovely as I remembered them!! hehe) and yep the Iphone 6 is such a good choice. My bf has it as well and the photos turn out nicely.

    I've never been to the Opera but I would so love to go! But I actually read a kind of parody on the Opera 'Madame Butterfly', which is called 'Monsieur Butterfly'. A few weeks ago, I visited the Garnier Opera in Paris. I am totally dying to see a performance....

    Talk to you soon I hope! <3 I will now browse through the posts I missed hehe
    Kerstin (former unzycat :D)

  5. Hi Sam,

    You've gotten yourself an iPhone 6! You will notice the photo quality being a lot better. I changed from 4S and so it was a huge difference but somehow, the 6Plus photo quality is a lot better when I compare mine with a 6Plus.

    I giggled at the bear macaron. How fortunate that you managed to snap a pic of before it got smashed. That's why, we should always snap photos of everything. You never know what would happen.

    I think I mention this before. Whenever I see your posts on iphpne photos, I always wished you had an Instagram account coz those posts are really in style of Instagram and we could be connected there more often. IG is more on the go while blogging takes a lot of time.

    I've never watched an opera before and I would want to watch Phantom of the Opera.

    So surprised and guilty to see you here! You know what? The little something which I've said I would send over would be sent over to you in a few weeks time. I've been waiting for the last item to put everything together and I'm excited about it!
    The copic markers are watery and makes blending a breeze. The effect is almost like those digital kinda colouring. But you would never be satisfied with just a few colours coz I really wanna buy more to play with after this.
    I hope you're doing well too! xo

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. Hey Jo :) Aw the blogging world is not so big after all <3 (I will reply to your comment on my blog in a sec hehe). I totally agree, IG is so much faster :) It's super fun to use. And me too, I'd love to watch phantom of the opera (i didn't even know it existed as an opera!)