~ Mashup at the Vancouver Art Gallery ~

Sunday, April 17, 2016
The Vancouver Art Gallery's current exhibit, Mashup: The Birth of Modern Culture. It boasts to be the gallery's largest exhibit yet and covers all four floors, with each floor dedicated to a time period. I spent a good three hours touring the exhibit, taking my time to relish all the works I didn't think I would be able to view right in my home city! The exhibit would also be fun for those who are not art enthusiasts because some of the installations were entertaining to see. Also it's a good idea to pick up a map at the beginning of the gallery.

If this seems familiar it's because it is. Two years ago I went to VSO Disney Pixar concert and went again this year! They introduced some new songs from the more recent films but still played the classics.

Got to try Shishinori! It wasn't bad but there is limited seating, we got here right about lunch time and manged to snag a seat before it got pretty busy. I still prefer Basho.

These bunny chocolates remind me of the Happy Labbits from Kid Robot. The first time I had the cream puffs at Beta 5 was a few years ago but I had good memories of them. Surprisingly they weren't as good this time round but perhaps it was the flavor we had picked.

Tried the pina colada from Rajio! There wasn't a lot of beverage but quit era few pieces of sweet pineapple. Over priced? For sure, it was a one time deal but I would still go back to try the watermelon fruit bunch housed in a mini watermelon. (They were out of watermelon so we picked the pina colada)

4 comments on "~ Mashup at the Vancouver Art Gallery ~"
  1. What an interesting exhibition~ and wow, I had no idea there was such a thing as pixar concerts, since I adore their movies x333

    All the food looks amazing!

  2. Cool exhibits! Modern art galleries are my favourite and usually the ones I go to the most when I travel..

    Those chocolates are so cute! & the pina colada looks good. I love when places use fruit as bowls or cups like that lol

  3. Oooh! Maybe I can drag B to the gallery this time around. I loove your blog posts. I get to learn of so many interesting eatery around Vancouver to check out. lol. $15 for a pina colada is waaay over priced but I am still curious!

  4. What a fun looking exhibit! That reminds me to go check out some near me before they finish.

    As always, the food looks great! I love looking at your different food items. Gosh, I really want some creampuffs now...