~ iPhone Photos- January 2017 ~

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
I remember I used to do these monthly iPhone photos posts but eventually stopped. I'm going to pick it up again as motivation to blog more and yes, I still use an iPhone :)

I just checked and saw that the last time I posted one of these was March 2016 and that one actually spanned a few months. Time just flies! I also noticed that I take fewer photos now which may or may not result in fewer posts but we'll just to see where it goes from here.

I finally bought a new laptop to replace my 10 year old Toshiba. I'm still adjusting to the new keyboard but am enjoying how speedy and new it is. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss my old laptop but she was no longer running as smooth as she once did. We had some good times though.

It's the time for the Hot Chocolate Festival again! I was disappointed to see the list of participating vendors shrinking and I hope there will still be a festival for it next year! These two were from Chez Christophe. The one on the right is inspired by French Toast and the one on the left is a tropical dark hot chocolate. I wasn't able to finish mines because it became too sweet at the end.

Having brunch at Ask for Luigi's! I usually only go here for lunch and I love their rigatoni bolognese. For brunch I actually just got pappardelle in the same bolognese sauce that I like so much! However the winner of this meal was the AMAZING banana bread! It was warm, crispy, and served with a light fluffy cinnamon ricotta.

Caught a lovely blue sky while Pokemon hunting.

I finally tried the afternoon tea service at Laudree. I've had similar food and service from their shops in New York and Paris and I must say the food is on par with those. From memory the sandwiches were quite basic, the cakes were rose and lemon respectively and did not lack in flavor. We got to choose our own macarons from a list of what they had available.

Instead of tea I got coffee this time and after I finished my first cup I asked for another since I was under the assumption it was bottomless and if not then I would be informed about it. When the bill came I was charged for the second cup, I told the waitress I wasn't aware that the coffee was per cup and she spoke with her manger who waived the fee of the second cup. The service was very good and although the tearoom is very small there is only one or two servers at a time so service can be on the slower side.