~ Morocco - Moulay Idriss 2015 ~

Thursday, March 30, 2017
This was about the second place we traveled to on my tour, so yes I am backtracking a bit here. My memory of this place is faint besides the lovely garden we visited (inhabited by many kitties!), the gorgeous blue doors I saw on the way, and the short trek up into the village-Moulay Idriss.

Everyone had the option of carrying their own suitcases up into the village or use a donkey to pull it up. I carried my own up and while it wasn't too difficult (from memory) it would have been much easier with just backpack versus my small carry-on with wheels and all.

Honestly these type of doors are what I expected to see in Greece and Santorini not Morocco, but no complaints!

The overcast made for poor photos but this was a part of the gardens. Not too much was in bloom when I went but it was still nice to stroll around. We also go to walk around and explore the Kasbah des Oudais which was once a fortress overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

We had a small stop at a fairly small cafe. I had my first beef and prune tagine there and omg it was AMAZING! I'll be honest, I never had any type of Moroccan food or any dishes cooked in a tagine before but this was delicious! Your meals are always served with bread and I used that to finish up every ounce of sauce I had left.

I noticed that the tagines in the north were much saucier than the tagines in the south but both tasted really good.

Our overnight stay was in a homestay with a local family. I believe our rooms were on the second floor. Be warned, you have to bring your luggage upstairs yourself. I don't know how people with large check-in cases did it. It was moments like these I was glad I had only brought carry-on with me.

We were given a tour of the village and one of the stops I remember most was the communal oven/baking room. Women from around the village would make their own dough, then bring it to the communal oven to bake. It strengthens the ties within the community and is a great time for people to get together and socialize. If you're wondering how each woman recognizes their own bread, they actually make markingsto identify them!

Lastly we walked up to a vantage point which overlook this small village upon the hill. This village is actually a holy site and there are various temples located throughout the village. The entrances to these holy spaces have a wooden bar fixed horizontally at the doorway thus you must bow as you enter.