~ Morocco - Taroudannt ~

Monday, April 10, 2017
      This was a bit of a travel and rest day for us. We journeyed onward to our riad for the night but encountered some interesting sights on the way. The first being goats in trees and the second was the Woman's Cooperative that produced argan oil and argan products. My memory about it is a bit hazy so events may have happened entirely differently from what I remember.

      We stayed in a really lovely riad that night however it was the only one that had a cockroach infestation! Another pair of travelers had cockroaches in their room too, our tour leader arranged for us to switch to new rooms which were thankfully roach-free. In fact our leader took our previous room, poor guy.

The grounds of the riad were lush and lovely, they even had peacocks running around. It was a bit resort like with it's own swimming pool, lush relaxing areas with chairs and tables. There were flower trees and fruit tree and it made wondering around that much funner.

The paths were lit up at night so it was easier to get around.

I really liked the way they laid the blankets over the bed like this. I bought a similar blanket with a more neutral coloration and while I am currently not using it, I still adore it.

I will never forget my first cup of fresh verbena tea. When I came back to Vancouver I hunted all around for this but only found it in a tea leaf variation. It was absolutely soothing and perfect to sip on before bedtime.

The next day we headed out to an argan oil cooperative. This little pupper posed perfectly for my shot.

While we were here they talked to us about the production of the argan oil, the argon tree and nut, as well as the work that the cooperative does. It was interesting watching the women at work and I even got the opportunity to crack some argan nuts myself. Some of the nuts are put into an oven and roasted which gives the oil a roasted smell and taste, I think the oil produced from this was intended for cooking.

You can bet I bought a good deal of stuff here. The products are rich and prices were very reasonable. There is no way I could have bought the same amount of products at the same price back at home. They sold a large variety of products such as eye cream and moisturizers. They sell the argan oil in smaller travel sized bottles which made great souvenirs.

During our drive we kept our eyes peeled for goats in trees, we didn't see any for a long time and started to give up hope until someone shouted "GOATS IN TREES". We all hopped out of the van for a quick photo opt.

We were told that the argan tree has a lot of thorns and thus is hard to harvest the nut. Instead they let the goats climb onto the trees and they harvest the ones that have fallen on to the ground. What a clever way to harvest the nuts, similar to the way I heard pigs are used to find truffles....except that they tend to gobble them up too! I think dogs are used more widely now.