~ Morocco - Sahara Desert & Camel Ride ~

Monday, April 17, 2017
          I will not lie, I was ecstatic about riding a camel but I must say it's not as easy it looked. It's bumpy and rough! I've been told riding a horse (which I have not ridden) is much worse so if you've done that before then you're set. My trek up the mountain on the donkey prepped me for the camel which was much more tame in comparison.

Our accommodation that night was suppose to be out under the stars in the Sahara desert but for the hottest summer months they change it because it gets far too hot to sleep out there. Instead we slept under the stars in this small camp outside the desert.

I was extremely excited when the camels arrived and gleefully watched them as they relaxed. They were all suppose to sit still and be good but these two were feeling rebellious and started eating the plants. Soon a few others came to join them but they were quickly shooed away and went back to sitting pretty.

I know I said I was super excited to see the camels but as I got closer to them I realized how large they really are (and tall!) and I'll admit I got a little scared. 

Again I got my scarf wrapped around my head before embarking on my camel - recommended again. I wish I could've wrapped my feet up though! The sun was beaming on them the entire ride.

We all woke up super early the next day to take 4x4's into the desert to catch the sunrise. It was an unexpectedly bumpy ride

I take this little trooper on all my trips. Climbing up the sand dunes was tougher than it looked!

The sunset was gorgeous and I'll never forget the camel ride and climbing the dunes! If anyone is wondering I don't recall there being a bug problem but I did use some bug repellent when we slept outdoors. Our beds were set out for us and it was warm enough with just a thin blanket. Bathrooms were co-ed with shower stalls so it was never a problem. Oh and just to note, my "shower handle/head" was actually just a hose.