~ Morocco - Essaouira ~

Saturday, May 6, 2017
      Essaouira was the second last destination on my trip and a place I really enjoyed. It was bit more touristy and we mainly stayed in one area of the city. From memory we had plenty of time to explore  and were given an interesting tour shortly after we arrived. As usual the riad we stayed at had no elevators, only stairs and just by luck my roommate and I got a room on the third floor (again).

Beautiful coloured doors again.

I don't know why but I was extremely drawn towards the fish market and harbour area of the city. I went there twice during the time I was there to snap photographs and take in the scene. I also looked fairly out of place with my white lace dress walking around on fish guts and yes, it did smell bad. That didn't stop me though!

Although these look like alleyways they act more like streets that cars can't drive on. They're extremely fun to walk around as you can find lots of interesting stores this way.

We dined at the same cafe twice in a row because the food was so delicious and reasonably priced!

I got Moroccan salad almost everyday, it was delicious and an easy way for me to get my vegetable intake. Also they pour tea from high up to create the foam on the tea. The tea served is mostly mint tea and I'm not a huge fan of that.

There are plenty of cafes to stop at. We picked this one and it had the cutest creamers which the cafe actually used to put their coffee in.

      I remember feeling a bit sad when I was here simply because it meant that my trip was coming to an end. My last destination was Marrakech for a day then it was home time for me. I think Essouira was a great place to be near the end of the trip. It was really relaxing and also a good time to go shopping for souvenirs because there were plenty of stalls and small markets to buy from. I didn't feel like I would get lost the way I would be in a bigger city and there were many tourists around too. I also finally managed to mail my postcards here despite carrying them for at least half the entire trip.