~ Japan 2017- Kyoto pt.2 ~

Sunday, October 8, 2017
The second day in Kyoto mainly consisted of visiting the Fushimi Inari Shrine. In theory you can walk there from the Gion area which is about a 50 minute walk. I considered it but because I was dressed up in a kimono (which hardly left any breathing space) we actually taxied instead. Taxi's were relatively cheap in Kyoto and we utilized them quite a bit. Just make sure you know where you're going or have the address in Japanese. 

The entrance into the shrine area. Try to get here early as there were lots of people by the time we got there which was the afternoon, around 1 pm.

The beginning of the walk through the mountain and tori gates. Each tori gate is actually donated and the company or persons name is written on the tori.

You can buy these wooden plaques shaped like a fox, write a wish on them and hang it up.

I only walked a small portion of it although I wish I could've walked the entire thing. It didn't seem to be a difficult walk but not a very short one either. The crowds lessen the deeper you went.

One of the main reasons I wanted to come back earlier was so I could have afternoon tea! While I was walking the Gion districts earlier I had seem a cute shop advertising their afternoon tea. I can't remember the name of the shop but the small cafe is actually behind the shop, through this small garden.

The theme seem to be matcha and I remember almost everything here was delicious! It was a great way to have a bite and rest. However because my kimono was so tight I could barely tell if I was getting full or not!

We tried to make it to Kiyomizu-dera but it closed just as we got there. However it wasn't a total lost as we passed by %Arabica and had the most delicious iced latte ever!

We got there at sunset so we stuck around for some photos and enjoyed the scenery around us. There were guards telling people to leave the temple as it had to close. At the moment the temple is also undergoing renovations and there is large scaffolding around the viewing platform.

At night we decided to head over to Pontocho for dinner and check out the area. The alley was is narrow and easily crowded even where there wasn't a lot of people there- it was just the nature of the street. There were lots of restaurants that had rooms opening right out over the river with a beautiful view. We looked around for one and decided to splurge for a kaiseki meal- a traditional multicourse Japanese meal.

The presentation of each dish was beautiful and the overall speed of the course wasn't too slow. I had read that sometimes these meals can take a long time. However the dishes were too bland and simple for me. One course was boiled tofu. Literally just boiled tofu with soy sauce, something that I don't know how to appreciate. I would be willing to try a kaiseki meal again in the future despite not having such a great one here.

After dinner wandered down the main street and saw a Basket Robins. I had seen how cute the Basket Robin presentations could be so went in to have some. I ordered one of their spring "eggs" and wasn't really expecting it to come in an egg! The sorbet I chose was muscat which was delicious! I LOVE muscat flavored things.